Partnering with Church Missionary Society (CMS Victoria)

Partnering with Church Missionary Society (CMS Victoria)

Studio Salt & Light is privileged to be a supporter of the Church Missionary Society of Australia.

We praise God for your generous support towards our business as we prayerfully donate a percentage of the sale to one of the most effective missionary organisations in the world.

Who is CMS?

CMS (The Church Missionary Society of Australia) works in fellowship with churches and local Christians to see life proclaimed through Christ around the world. CMS sends human resources, like teachers, doctors, nurses, students, church workers and Bible/theology lecturers overseas.

CMS has branches in every state/territory of Australia. The office we partner with is our local Victoria branch.

What are the core values of CMS?

Christ himself called us to be bearers of the Good News to the far corners of the earth. As we seek to see a world that knows Jesus, and conscious of our responsibility to peoples in our near-neighbour region, the mission of CMS is:

  • Reach gospel-poor peoples for Christ
  • Equip Christian leaders for church and society
  • Engage churches in cross-cultural mission

The CMS difference is that the organisation send workers long-term, focus on gospel proclamation through word and deed, and train workers in necessary cross-cultural skills. And of course, CMS is strongly Bible-based. Together, we can help to see a world that knows Jesus.

How does the Studio Salt & Light x CMS partnership look like?

Starting from 1st July 2022, 5% of every net sale on our website is pledged to CMS (Victoria) as part of our quarterly giving.

Net sale refers to the amount we receive from transactions excluding discounts, freight charge, GST, and returns.

We keep an internal record of the pledged amount collected from each order, and donate them in one lump sum payment directly to CMS Victoria every quarter. For privacy reasons, no personal information from our customers will be passed onto CMS. 

To learn more, visit our CMS Partnership page.

How do I find out more about CMS?

Please visit and learn more. CMS could really benefit from your prayers and financial support.


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