From Prayers to Printers

A deeper dive into how we design and produce our Gospel-inspired products

From Prayers to Printers

Original, Scripture Inspired Designs

Studio Salt & Light is by no means a pioneer in Christian apparel or gifts. But the skills and experiences God has gifted us are enabling us to doing things a bit differently.

We don't buy readily available graphics or clothes from the market in bulk. Each design is unique and authentic, created in Melbourne from elements that are original, licensed or royalty free.

God is worthy our most sincere worship and praises. We start our design process with prayers and the reading of Scripture , and finish it with thanksgiving.

Ethically Sourced Premium Quality Materials

We look high and low for the best canvas we can find to ensure optimal comfort, durability and style.

All our garments are sourced from AS Colour, the leading Aussie brand known for quality basics. Our wall art posters are printed on framing-ready, premium 250gsm ultra matte paper.

Made for a Purpose

Thanks to state-of-the-art digital printing technologies, we are able to produce our garments and posters with great precision in fast turnaround.

Studio Salt & Light's clothing items are printed to order in our partnered facility in Melbourne using DTG (Direct to Garment) printers. Our Christian wall art posters are done in Sydney while our limited edition cotton face masks are printed in small runs in Brisbane using traditional screen printing.

By taking advantage of print-on-demand services, we have eliminated much hassle within a conventional supply chain. This not only allows us to focus more on the design process for authentic Gospel-centric products, but also helps us support local businesses.

DTG Printing vs. Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the old fashioned, and ideal, way to print on larger quantities as long as there are only a handful of solid colours in the graphics. DTG printing, on the other hand, soaks ink directly onto the garment, and is unparalleled when it comes to colour range and turnaround tine for small batches.

If you would like to learn more about different types of printing techniques, please check out our blog post on the topic here.

Custom Orders & Group Purchases

Is your ministry looking for clothing or gifts?

We offer custom design and printing services for churches and individuals. Get in touch and and let us show you what we can do.

Studio Salt & Light

We are a Christian apparel and wall art brand aspiring to proclaim the kingdom of God and the good news of Christ Jesus. We want our products to spark conversations and add flavour to your daily lives.

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